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Every job, however fun or interesting, involves some nitty-gritty. In the world of bathroom design, after picking the ideal bathtub and designing a tile layout on par with the ancient Romans, there’s still the plumbing fixtures to sort out. This is no big deal for professional renovators and plumbers, though it’s still a necessity that needs addressing. For homeowners looking to source their fittings, while working to a strict redecoration budget, it’s another matter.

From thermostatic mixers to wall brackets and supports, there’s a lot of little parts that go into making your room functional. Taking a little time to research the matter can save you a lot of time and money when installing your new fixtures. Thanks to online stores, which are very competitive with their traditional counterparts, it’s easier than ever before to buy discount parts of high quality. >> Read more in our buying guide


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Knowing which plumbing parts to look for

There are various accessories, both big and small, that go into a working bathroom. To avoid delays caused by ordering the wrong parts, it’s worth familiarising yourself with some of the fixtures you might need.


  • Bathtub supports. These rails, often made of steel, shore up the bath and allow it to take the weight of an occupant and water daily.
  • Basin supports. Following the same principle, these are often wall brackets that firmly attach the sink to the wall. Remember that sinks weigh a lot and they get leaned on.
  • Installation accessories. There are various parts needed for general installations, from concealed mixer units which control the flow of water, to hinges for toilet seats.
  • Mounting accessories. Aside from sinks, showers and baths, other items like towel rails and even the pipes inside the wall may need additional mounting brackets.

This list should give you an early idea of the kinds of parts you’ll need in your renovation. Making a shortlist for each larger fitting you want will help you to avoid surprises, especially in the budget. Fortunately, several quality brands produce reliable parts.


Picking quality plumbing fixtures from reputable brands

When you know which parts you need, you can start narrowing down individual brands and ranges. Many fixtures are just compatible within one brand, so that limits choices and must be factored in when you pick new units, like showers. Shop around for quality manufacturers and you won’t have to make do with cheap parts. The brands Hansgrohe and Grohe are well established in the plumbing world and represent a good place to start, but there are plenty to choose from. Hansgrohe have the Axor Stark range of installation accessories, including valves, diverters and thermostats that can readily complete a shower or tub installation. You may also consider Hansgrohe’s PuraVida extension, to provide a smart, chrome mount between the tiles and finish on PuraVida fittings. The Hansgrohe iBox is a universal concealed mixer that helps to hide the mechanics of your plumbing behind the scenes. Consider this range for unobtrusive technology that won’t impact your design scheme and is broadly compatible. Grohe produces a few alternative mixer solutions, such as the inexpensive Grohe Rapido E which features their trademarked SilkMove ceramic cartridge and an adjustable flow rate limiter. For a more deluxe option, the Grohe Rapido T offers an upgrade with a wax thermoelement, TurboStat compact cartridge, built-in non-return valve and dirt strainers. For something more high tech, Grohe has the F-digital Deluxe range of steam generators and electronic control units that give you complete control over your environment. Another competitor on the scene is Bette, who has plenty of accessories like foot systems and source inlets for their shower units, which are essential when building one from scratch. Geberit is a good choice for wall mounting kits, such in the Geberit Duofix range, plus they make those little extras like rubber buffers for toilet seats for emergency replacements. Lastly, consider Ideal Standard if you use their products, as they produce all the concealed mixers and thermostats you will need. These are just a few of the companies making sturdy mounting accessories and fittings for proper bathroom renovation. Take a little time to do some research and ensure that your new design is built to last.