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From a historical point of view, the shower has appeared only recently in private bathrooms. In fact, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that it became popular in private houses. Before then, it was customary to take a bath once a week or to settle for cleaning with a washcloth. Today, a life without a shower is hard to imagine, as the shower is quicker and cheaper than the bath. Also, taking a shower is no longer just a matter of personal hygiene; it's a great way to get rid of everyday stress. Whatever shower you're looking for, you're sure to find one that suits your needs in our boutique. >> Learn more by reading our guide on shower trays and enclosures

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Before you start looking for the shower that suits you in our shop, you should think about what you need. Do you want to install a completely new shower, or do you want to replace individual parts? A complete shower consists of:

Shower tray
It is the lower part of a shower used to receive and evacuate water, the one you are also standing on. The shower tray determines the size and shape of your shower and should, therefore, be chosen first. It can be simply placed on the floor, which raises it, or it can be recessed so that it is flush with the floor. This makes it more discreet, safer and modern. In any case, it must be inclined towards the drain to ensure good water drainage. Choose your favourite shower tray by discovering all our models.

Shower enclosures
Shower enclosures are used to delimitate the shower area and prevent splashes in the rest of the bathroom. They are available in different versions with folding, hinged or sliding doors and walls. Our shop also offers you special partitions for the shower area in the bathtub.


The tap consists of the valve and one or more shower heads and is a central component of your shower. Would you prefer a hand shower or head shower? You don't have to choose either, because you can buy a shower system that includes both components and the tap. The purchase of a shower system will be less expensive and more convenient to install. Today's shower offers a variety of different sprays that can be adjusted to suit your needs: from massage to soft or nebulizing sprays. Some showers are equipped with an aerator that adds air to the spray for substantial water savings without compromising your comfort.

Shower drains

If you are installing a walk-in shower and you want to tile it, you will need a shower drain to evacuate the water. We offer these in our shop in different lengths and materials such as stainless steel. As a rule, a drain is already integrated into the finished shower tray.


Even though the shower offers more option than ever, it should be still easy to use. There are already several intelligent showers that are particularly convincing due to their user-friendly equipment. For example, some taps offer the possibility to set and memorise the strength of your perfect spray, to switch the water on/off or to switch from the hand shower to the head shower at the touch of a button.

The topics of sustainability and environmental protection are also becoming increasingly important. For example, some technologies can reduce your water consumption by up to 60% when showering. Some digital systems allow you to enter the desired temperature, which is then maintained throughout the shower. Consequently, there is no more temperature fluctuations and substantial energy savings!

A further step towards the Smart Home has been taken with the installation of tools in the shower that monitor and record the temperature for, among other things, an eco-friendlier shower. This data is then sent to smartphone applications. It is also possible to control the shower mixer via the smartphone: the temperature and the amount of water can be precisely adjusted, the data is stored there and retrieved in seconds if necessary.

Soon, the shower will provide tools to monitor one's health. For example, there are already showers that measure blood pressure and allow the shower program to be adjusted according to the result. For example, the water temperature can be reduced to stimulate blood circulation. However, it will probably take some time before such systems become available to the average person.


There are four types of installation requiring different shower trays:

High edges
This shower tray has a relatively high step at the entrance but offers the possibility of bathing small children or pets.

Low edges
Stepping over it is a little easier. However, this model is not suitable for people with reduced mobility and families with young children.

Super flat
This shower has a slightly raised shower tray but is very easy to step over.

This type of shower is called a walk-in shower and has no step and usually no door. It is therefore particularly suitable for children and the elderly and is increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. Wheelchair users cannot do without it.

>>Further information on shower trays and their installation are available here.


Showers come in a wide variety of shapes the most common being square, round, rectangular or quadrant. The shape you choose depends mainly on your taste and the space available. The standard size for rectangular showers is 90x60 cm, but of course, there is almost no limit to the maximum size. In small bathrooms, installation in corners and bathtubs is of course possible.

The type of enclosure is another element you will have to choose for your shower. Does your shower have to be closed or do you prefer a fully open shower? If you are thinking of having an open shower, perhaps you should first consider your habits. If you tend to move around a lot and splash around, it might be better to choose a full wall model. The shower head should also be chosen accordingly, with a more focussed jet and less pressure. Besides, open showers should be kept at a greater distance from other sanitary facilities. Also, note that the air is colder than with a closed area.

>>Further information on shower enclosures is available here

Choosing the materials

Shower trays are available in the following materials:

Mineral cast iron convinces with its anti-slip properties and warm surface. However, the material scratches quickly and is not resistant to chemicals.

Acrylic is non-slip and much lighter than mineral casting or ceramics and has a very smooth surface which makes it easy to clean. Nevertheless, it is sensitive to scratches.

Ceramic has proven itself in the bathroom for years and have an easy-care and sturdy surface. Scratches and chemicals do not affect them. However, it is a heavy material and can be slippery.

Enamelled steel has a hard, shiny surface and is very resistant to scratching. The material is easy to clean and is insensitive to discolouration. However, the material is cold and takes a long time to reach the temperature of shower water. There is a risk of chipping if it is hit by a heavy object.

Shower enclosures are mainly made of plastic or glass and are fitted with chrome or aluminium-look rails.


You must be careful with coated shower trays and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Abrasive or acidic cleaning agents should be avoided on many surfaces.

Many shower sprays are equipped with an anti-limestone function which, on the one hand, delays the formation of limescale and, on the other hand, facilitates the removal of these deposits.

In general, the shower should be rinsed with clean water after each use to prevent dirt and soap residue from accumulating. Drying the shower after use is an effective measure to fight against the build-up of limescale deposits. Also, it is advisable to clean it regularly with mild detergents to avoid the formation of hard deposits.


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