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When renovating or redecorating the bathroom, there’s a certain piece of kit that you can’t do without, but also isn’t very much fun to shop for; the toilet. The shower and bath are optional and the sink isn’t much trouble, but the loo is hard to do without! Fortunately, there are several options in this department, beyond the basic ‘bog standard’ units that are the default in most homes. You can now get units built with designer style in mind, which are shaped to suit various design schemes and make the humble loo a lot more elegant. There are two parts to a new toilet that needs to be considered; the bowl and the cistern. Let’s focus on the latter to see if this clunky, boring bathroom kit can be updated with some modern style and functionality. You may be surprised to know that with a little smart shopping, deals can be found online for discount toilet cisterns that won’t dent your redecoration budget. >> Read more in our buying guide

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Even cisterns can have a designer touch

Once you know what you want, you can narrow down some brands. There are a host of designer brands that each have a distinctive style and price tag. See what the internet has in store and you can buy some remarkably cheap parts without compromising on aesthetics. It may be easier than you think to perfect your bathroom look with the right system if you take the time to look around. Start with some of the bigger brands to get an idea what’s available; try Villeroy & Boch, Geberit, Ideal Standard and Duravit for inspiration. Villeroy & Boch have some fantastic models in crisp alpine white to match your other ceramics. The Subway model is a simple, smart closed-back unit that will suit any room, or try the Villeroy & Boch OMNIAclassic range for a coupled cistern that might suit a taller pan. Geberit offers a range of tanks that feature extras like dual flush and are very affordable. The Geberit Duofix range provides all the fittings you need to mount a tank yourself. For a minimalist approach try Ideal Standard, with the Connect range of compact, curved units that sit close to the wall. Check out SoftMood, also by Ideal Standard, for something more nuanced that would match a surface-mounted basin. For a reliable dual flush, cistern consider Duravit’s Darling New range, or the more contemporary Duravit Duraplus if you want their WonderGliss coating. Keramag is a good choice for functionality. The Keramag Renova range has push button flush and both side and rear supply. Finally, a Laufen tank in the Palomba range is great for a bathroom with sharp angles, or try Laufen Vienna for an elegantly shaped lid. These are just starting points, but once you find a toilet cistern that suits your room’s needs, you’ll be glad of taking the time to perfect your design.